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That's what this place is, do just barely the minimum to shut your employees up and go right back into the same shit.

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They were doing so much better....for like 3 days after I talked to the boss.

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Oh fuck you spectrum..... Gotta wait two days to get my phone.

Tasker will toggle them right back off if turned on. Or just airplane mode in general.

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I guess I could delete all WiFi and Bluetooth connections and just leave them off .

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One more day Pixel 2. Then I am backing up, wiping, and making it a cold storage wallet. Locked in airplane mode. Gotta figure that one out.

Hopefully getting verified for Litemint. I have an idea for an NFT that I think could work. Daily. :D

Suddenly those $60k+ golf carts weren't such a good buy. "iM sAvInG tHe EnViRoMeNt"

Gonna be hard to make it to the unemployment office.

Atoning for past mistakes, only costs you in the future.

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