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I'm kind of ticked this phone keeps glitching out. Like it'll start touching and scrolling all by itself. It's a good phone, for the price point, but I think it either has a sensor issue, or it's so cheaply made that it's bent

PSA State farm's latest commercial has a guy doing a handstand without a warning saying to do not attempt. So someone should definitely do a handstand fall over and say they got the idea from the commercial. We can split it 50/50

The way my daughter just whimpered when she was hugging me goodbye... That hurt way more than my fractured wrist.

A type of guy who makes fun of Walmart in the metaverse but shops at Walmart in the real world

The last version of #ntfy is a #unifiedpush distributor ! It will soon reach the @fdroidorg store. It is easy to use - just install it - and easy to self-host if you want to.

More info at


tfw Mozilla goes in on crypto nonsense, and the original creators of the Firefox browser call them out on their bullshit.

"Me after making my first app in python"

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I feel it makes most sense to do the day of the year actually. Might have to change the UI to show last 7 days and not days ahead

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