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Look if you have to choose between “regular” and “ultralight” for body text then probably go with “regular” cause that’s what it’s for

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The thing that annoys me more about perceived contrast in websites is not contrast between text color and background color, but use of super thin font, where they’re so thin, they appear to have less contrast than they actually might based on colors alone

I feel like I have tooted this before but I will always love

It's just so beautiful 😎⚡💥

PSA for Firefox users 

Firefox's PDF Viewer now enables Javascript by default.

To turn off JavaScript execution in PDFs:
1️⃣ Enter about:config in the address bar.
2️⃣ Click "I'll be careful."
3️⃣ In the search box near the top, enter pdfjs.enableScripting.
4️⃣ Change the setting to False.

Lol sure would be nice to have a good breakfast and stuff but nope my mornings are spent by getting changed then shitting til it's time to go.

Wow already can't wait to be home from work 😁😂 ain't even left yet

I mean it was obvious last week but when he said it I lost it 😂😂

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So the moment Sam announced he was Captain America I screamed... Phase 4 is fucking bringing it.

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