Ok do I spun up another node...just can't resist πŸ˜‚

I have never been a morning person and being up before the sun is....just....lel

@malin sorry about the power! Hope it's back on soon! 😁

Power's been off for 3 days, and will continue.

I'm down to a hotspot, and suddenly extremely glad I've laid the groundwork with all these minimalist applications and protocols.

I really need to get a savings account....and never touch it...

After dropping the kids off this morning, I looked straight at the sign for the road I was supposed to drive down and turned right anyway... so I'm at home... And I didn't turn this letter in. SHIT

RIP to the dude who didn't quite make it and is currently wiping shit off the bathroom floor at Walmart...

@stephen some one make it go away I have to pee but don't want to stand up to scare it away. It's just chilling. Like word bro.

So I think my Mastodon servers time is behind. I'll toot and it will say in 0 secs or 1

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