boy i am glad i have one tallboy tonight. I really don't need anymore.


Also, I bought a domain name I have yet to do anything with. 🔜

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So I am finally going to get my own business started. Or at least going to try. I don't want to be a drone that clocks in and out everyday making money for some million dollar company that couldn't care less about me.

I started the movies over. I literally forgot what happened in Iron Man, 2, and 3 😅

luckily it was the neighbor I was just talking shit about last night so.... karma ya cunt

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Hick ass neighbor just blew off a firework. 5 seconds later i see the scrap from it land in our parking lot and on someones car.

apparently when you fuel a space rocket on pad for testing purposes without going to launch it's called a "wet dress rehearsal".

Like, someone took "dry run", came up with "wet run", and then mashed it together with "dress rehearsal" to come up with "wet dress rehearsal"

Your word would mean anything if you weren't the psycho cunt that had her car torched a month ago. It's probably not them.....

Thank you so much Android bubbles. You've made it seem like I care what I say to my parents again!

please do not hesitate to call me out if i am talking out of my ass

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