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"Anger is like holding onto a hot coal, with the intent of throwing it at someone else. You're the one who gets burned."

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Well, I forgot to backup Duo which for some reason only had my Snapchat code. So apart from finding my backup code somewhere in my mess of 4 VPS, and 3 computers, and several USB sticks, I'll never be able to log back in.

Maybe it's a blessing in disguise, I've been trying to delete it forever.

I am blown away by how long my battery lasts now. Granted I don't
have as many apps, but :lineageos: Lineage OS is a much welcome refresh. I love the animations too. Although some could be Android 12, since I was left on 11 by :google:


I pay $11.99 a month to not get ads (also for music). Yet I'm expected to sit there and listen to how your life has changed once you started putting cocoabutter on your balls.

It's funny watching contacts sign up for telegram.... Like wyd ;)

Ok, I love this. I just plugged in the charger and that was just about the coolest animation i've ever seen 😂

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that first boot though. Didn't miss this shit lol.

Might not be playing because I really don't want to install gapps.

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First i've ran since

I am not going through nightlies again I know that lmao

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I REALLLY want to root my Pixel 2. I want Android 13 damn it. I haven't have a security update in going on a year now. But I am using 62.7/64 Gb so....that's a hella backup. Maybe I'll just do important apps, data, and say fuck it to the rest. I mean is using like 9? and YTMusic isn't far behind. It's most likely cache too. Time to run SDMain :) and are now available on

Using dns link so if your browser is configured correctly, you should reach them both over IPFS.

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