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"Schwinn makes a phenomenal bike."

just binged all 6 lol

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"Anger is like holding onto a hot coal, with the intent of throwing it at someone else. You're the one who gets burned."

Lemme tell you, I have very little patience left for this shit. I haven't had a month....psh maybe a week, in YEARS that something hasn't gone to shit.

I'm drained. I have no will to do anything anymore, and it sucks. I need to be working overtime to gtfo a tent before it's 20 degrees out.

I need to boot my pi. I have to get the root CA certificate so I can renew

Honestly though... I'm such a piece of shit. Gonna have to walk to work...

Why can I not save fucking money. Soon as I get it.... POOF.

My time is getting shorter and shorter just like the days. I'm about to be fucked.

I think I am about to binge Reservation Dogs. It's hilarious, and if you get the chance watch the cold open for Season 1 Episode 3. πŸ˜†

My sister had her baby today! I got another niece! Poor Jensen πŸ˜†

Speaking of music, I have over 500 liked songs now, and it plays the same fucking ones. Even on shuffle. Between that and the lack of an API, I think I'm going to switch from YTMusic back to Spotify.

Also, beyond time to get back into ADTR. I forgot how much I love "I'm Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?"

Based on the fact I can't get off the toilet, I think it's safe to say "Pizza Plus" is still a no go.

Wow. Just finished the last row mowing and a storm rolls in.

My phone goes into DND when it detects I'm driving. I need to start checking my messages when I'm in the store. Save some trips πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

I can't have Horizon, and Puma running on the same server. it's destroying the CPU.

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So I'm at the store yesterday and a guy comes in with a Bitcoin shirt. I said nice shirt and we got to talking about it. Prices change so much you might lose a profit if using for business. This douche waffle says the government needs to regulate it then it will be adopted. I was thinking "take that fucking shirt off"

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