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Oooohhhhhh shit. I got out going calls working on my Asterisk server. Bonus fact, my current provider doesn't authenticate caller ID....

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Momma bear comin in with the candid

❤️ #Aspen is just as curious as #Jensen was/is and I love teaching them everything!

I'll never get tired of it.

Never answer email. Answering email just encourages people to email you again. Vicious cycle. Not worth it.

OMG in the arcade version of Duck Hunt

Ohhhh so might use Halcyon again. It has a pure black mode...

Don't get me wrong I like the whole tweet deck look...just being open :P

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Time to test out some more alternate UI's for mastodon :)

But like....I'm going to miss my daughter taking her first real steps and saying words.

My fucking heart is so hurt right now

is it hot in here, or is it just how the earth is now


Check this out!! Hope he gets what ever he deserves!

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