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I like how I use tinder, like I'm going to find someone different. These girls are so sad. It's insane.

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The fact I quit my dream job for you. All because I couldn't stand the fact of being away from you. That's some shit that will haunt me to my grave.

So I'm rewatching the MCU, and I never realized that fury says not unless you learn to glow like your Aunt Carol....

As sad as it was to watch them lose, we all knew the rules before the game started. It hasn't changed for the past 5 years. People literally complain about 22 people throwing a piece of leather in the air.

Wow. This whole physical therapy thing has been amazing. I'm feeling 70-75% better. No grip strength still, but that will come in time! Now if only my shoulder, forearm, shoulder blade, and ribs didn't hurt....

Kid's doing some homework. It's a reading assignment. He has to read a story about a school photographer who couldn't take another photo because the camera was out of film.

Poor kid was stressing out and confused with the following question: "Explain why the photographer could not take another picture."


asked the kid in utter bafflement

it's a rule in UI design that if you have a list where the user can click and drag items around on the list, then dragging the item to the list's edge will cause scrolling in the most janky and frustrating way possible

When she tries to guilt you into something for the first time. Lel

Your games stopped working along fucking time ago.


I am absolutely blown away about how fucking bullshit this state is. I'm about to fill out the same goddamn paperwork for the third fucking time. Like what the fuck do the workers even do over there just throw the papers into a random fucking stack and hope mine are in there too. Fuck off. What a bunch of goddamn bullshit. fucking pathetic.

This weekend my daughter went to continue reading an ebook she has available to her from her public elementary school on the Epic Reading Platform

She got an error message saying that the book was only available on school days and to read on the weekend she would need to subscribe for $9.99/month.

I like how I use tinder, like I'm going to find someone different. These girls are so sad. It's insane.


All I'm going to say is I'm eating way too much pasta....or cheese....


AndroidPolice just reports:

"Google Play's developer support has become so terrible, its own translation tools are causing apps to get flagged"

Seems like Google even translates English to English (maybe they don't speak Eng… uh?). Finally:

"After covering Play Store support issues like these for years now, I can't help but be critical of Google's support and review process."

Read on, it's worth it!

#android #GooglePlay #GoogleFails

Bro, my local news station just played a freaking commercial for NFL preseason.... Who the hell put that one in there 🤣🤣

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