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Oooohhhhhh shit. I got out going calls working on my Asterisk server. Bonus fact, my current provider doesn't authenticate caller ID....

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apparently when you fuel a space rocket on pad for testing purposes without going to launch it's called a "wet dress rehearsal".

Like, someone took "dry run", came up with "wet run", and then mashed it together with "dress rehearsal" to come up with "wet dress rehearsal"

Your word would mean anything if you weren't the psycho cunt that had her car torched a month ago. It's probably not them.....

Thank you so much Android bubbles. You've made it seem like I care what I say to my parents again!

please do not hesitate to call me out if i am talking out of my ass



Better late than never eh Apple™?

And I'm also thinking about applying for running a full time ADS-B receiver for that free flight24 gold subscription.

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I would like to say how much I saved my pi by moving heavier stuff to a used to last for no longer than 5's been up for 60+

K sue me I like to attach some emotion to sex. 🤪🤡

There's a free open source app for @pixelfed under development called PixelDroid. You can follow it here:


Developers can help the project at:

Translators can help at:

(In case you're unfamiliar with it, PixelFed is the Fediverse's alternative to Instagram, you can find out more at

#PixelDroid #PixelFed #Fediverse #Android #Instagram #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre

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