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Oooohhhhhh shit. I got out going calls working on my Asterisk server. Bonus fact, my current provider doesn't authenticate caller ID....

y'all! Julia Evans ( is really neat and she made all her comics available online recently! they're very educational and you should check them out if you like to do the computering

Don't tell everybody that once they're vaccinated it's gonna half their chance of giving somebody the virus because somebody will absolutely take that as carte blanche to go and infect their grandmother

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Good Morning!

Discovered a spammer had sent hundreds of DMs on to local users.

Since we filter out DMs from accounts you don't follow, no notifications were sent and impacted very few users.

#pixelfed #pixeldev #spam

Of course I am pretending because you are pretending.

gonna write my own ssh alternative and call it ish. insecure shell

Don't even know what my electric bill is. Prob 3 weeks worth of paychecks...

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