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@vbot keep adding new features so I have to restart it πŸ˜‰

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Oooohhhhhh shit. I got out going calls working on my Asterisk server. Bonus fact, my current provider doesn't authenticate caller ID....

Feels like a Git issues crushing kinda night. Gonna make sure vbot is tooting on pushes first ;)

You become who you hang around. So I guess you should have a sugar daddy by now 😜

Like you're not the one with a pos mother who can't keep her word. Lol

Also completely amazed but not amazed that it was immediately all my fault lmfao

But you know what....I don't care anymore.... I'm getting my own to even the score and if that doesn't help then byeeeeeee

Never seen someone try to get close to someone so many times in one day.

I've literally been right like 11/11 times so why would this one be any different.


Oh well another night drinking til I'm numb enough to pretend I still want to be with you

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